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Our Work

We’re committed to improving lives by putting the needs of young people with disabilities at the heart of provision in Wandsworth.

We aim to:

Improve provision for all our children and young adults, by ensuring the views and needs of parents are central to the Council’s design and delivery of services;

Help families get the most out of local provision, by signposting important services, consulting parents and providing feedback from Council meetings and other key organisations;

Empower parents through training, meeting other parents and sharing information;

Encourage participation and diversity participation and diversity by valuing the contribution of every parent across a wide range of backgrounds.

Achieving our aims:

Strength in Numbers: Since our launch, we have established a 11 strong steering group of committed parents and carers. Our members represent parent/carers at key council meetings – helping to inform, influence and make the best use of funding, plus feedback information to families in the borough.

Our parent members represent a wide range of disabilities, age and family circumstances. We all share the view that there is strength in numbers and sharing local experience and knowledge is invaluable. Get involved

Improving Provision: Short Breaks and access to local activities are key issues for Wandsworth families. We have worked with Wandsworth Sports Development to increase the range of inclusive activities for families who usually find it hard to access mainstream provision. This has included specialist swimming lessons run by the London Borough of Wandsworth Amateur Swimming Association, which have been very successful and oversubscribed.

We’ve also helped promote free specialist cycling in Battersea Park for disabled children and their carer or sibling, with positive feedback from participants.

We’ve also made it clear to the Council that the special school summer schemes and special play schemes are highly valued by families and should be prioritised

Empowering Parents: We’ve helped to equip parents with new skills and knowledge – from training in community leadership and understanding local and national decision making, to web and presentation skills.

Sharing, caring and bringing together: Our termly parent/carer events provide the opportunity for families to meet and also share their views with professionals. This has included the chance to meet and talk on a one-to-one basis with the Head of Special Needs and Disabled Children’s Services at Wandsworth Council, Carol Payne.

We also share local news and information through our newsletters.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the involvement of families affected by disability in our community. If you are interested in being a part of PPA, we’d love to hear from you.

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