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As we approach the end of this financial year, we’re still focussing much of our time and energy reaching out to all parent/carers in Wandsworth. We continue to represent families in Council working groups and try and get feedback on what’s working and what’s not and hope to extend this to more joint working with the NHS and CCG.

In November 2019 Wandsworth had its long-awaited Ofsted/CQC Local Area Inspection Also know as LASEND Inspection (Local Authorities and Health providers and other organisations) are observed on how well they are identifying and providing for children with SEND. A big part of the inspection included consultation with parent/carers and young people, to see how they are being involved. PPA’s role was to help gather the views of parent/carers and young people.

The Ofsted and CQC inspectors said that Wandsworth had the most parental and young person’s feedback and involvement within the London LASEND Inspections – THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR VIEWS!!

A copy of the inspection letter can be found here

Following publication, Ana Popovici, Director for Children’s Services said: As the Director of Children’s Services I accept the findings of the inspection in full and together with our partners we have started to address the areas for development whilst continuing to build on the strengths identified. Our commitment to co-production with parents, carers and children was recognised by the inspectors as a particular strength and we remain committed to continue to work very closely with our parents and our partners to ensure that all children with an EHCP plan have the best chance in life. I will ensure there is robust governance and oversight to ensure that the work progresses at a pace to benefit the most vulnerable children and their families.

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