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Postive Parent Action Membership Policy

The aim of this policy to ensure an understanding of how Positive Parent Action , (Parent Carer Forum for Wandsworth, London) seeks and manages membership.

Positive Parent Action (PPA) offers membership to families living in the London Borough of Wandsworth, who care for a child or young person (C/YP), aged 0-25, with special needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Positive Parent Action (PPA) is pan-disability and supports SEND C/YP age 0-25 with or without a formal diagnosis.

Member’s information will be stored under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This Membership policy should be read in conjunction with our Positive Parent Action (PPA) Privacy policy to understand how we use and share your membership information that is available to view/download from the we Positive Parent Action (PPA) website.

Membership Criteria:

Parent/Carer members must:

Membership includes:

Membership fees: To be fully inclusive, parent/carer membership is free of charge.

Positive Parent Action (PPA) reserves the right to:

Submitting an application for membership

All members must complete a membership form by paper copy or on-line via the Positive Parent Action (PPA) website.

By submitting an application form to become a member of, Positive Parent Action (PPA) all members agree to:

Membership information:

What information do we request from our members and why do we ask for it?

Name - Personalise member contact information Send confirmations and updates for events.

Address - Confirm parent/carers members are a resident in Wandsworth Event confirmation and consultations Geographical information for grant monitoring.

Phone Number - Contact members if requested a call back/Respond to general enquiries Advise of event updates, cancellations and changes Request/discuss
event/consultation and feedback.

Email - Contact members with relevant information, e-bulletins, news, updates and events Respond to enquiries. Advise of event updates, cancellations and changes. Request/discuss event/consultation feedback.

Ethnicity (Optional) - For anonymous ethnicity and diversity information feedback on our grant monitoring

Volunteer information - If requested, to contact member by phone or email with further information about becoming a volunteer with Positive Parent Action (PPA).

Have you heard of Wandsworth’s Local Offer website? - Ensuring any members who have not heard of the Wandsworth’s Local Offer are given/sent information about the website and how it provides SEND information in Bexley. Monitoring of the number of members of have heard of/not heard of the Local Offer and provide feedback to Bexley Local Authority and to meet any grant conditions.

Child/Young Person’s Details - Ensuring parent/carer members meet the criteria for membership Contact/update members with relevant information in accordance with C/YP’s special need/disability, age, gender, location within Wandsworth, level of support (SEN Support or EHC Plan).

Further Comment Box (Optional) - For members to provide any further information.

Document Name: Positive Parent Action Membership Policy Created Date: Oct 2018 Reviewed Date: N/A Next Review Date: Oct 2020 The Positive Parent Action Steering Committee reserve the right to update or amend this policy at any time without notice.

If you would like to become a PPA member or you already are one and would like to update your contact details please click the link below and complete the online membership form positiveparentaction.org.uk/membership.html

If you no longer wish to be contacted by PPA and want to be removed from our email list please email us at info@positiveparentaction.org.uk and type unsubscribe to ppa in the subject bar