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We’re parents and carers who’ve come together to champion children and young people (from birth to 25), living in Wandsworth who are affected by disability.

Knowing that there’s strength in numbers and shared experience, we work closely with Wandsworth Council to improve provision for all families in the borough with additional needs. We set up the forum in 2009 with funding from the national initiative ‘

Aiming High for Disabled Children’, which promoted greater parent involvement in local provision.


Positive Parent Action's steering group!

Positive Parent Action is currently ran by a steering group consisting of 12 Wandsworth parent/carers who meet once a month (during term time).

We discuss funding, local issues and try to make sure that Positive Parent Action continues to support the needs of all parents of disabled and special needs children in the Borough.

Anyone is welcome to join our steering group!!

If you are interested in becoming part of the Positive Parent steering group or have any suggestions for workshops/events that you would like to attend please contact us at – positiveparentaction@yahoo.co.uk

We’re now looking to reach even more families right across Wandsworth so we truly represent everyone facing similar challenges. If you’re a family in the borough affected by disability, we’d welcome your involvement. Or if there’s an issue affecting local families that you’d like us to address, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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